Viewing Instructions


Hold the image at arms length but focus on something behind it. Then shift your gaze to the image without changing focus of the object you chose behind. The illusion will become apparent.


Hold the book at arms length and with your other hand place your index finger between the book and your eyes. Focus on your finger. Hold that focus while slowly removing your hand. With your focus still locked, shift your gaze onto the page. The illusion should reveal itself.


Put the center of the image directly on your nose. Make sure the image is blurry. Pretend that you are looking at something twice as far away. Look “through” the image. VERY SLOWLY move the image away from your face. Move it away about 2 inches every 30 seconds. Continue to look “through” the image. If the image comes into focus, move it closer to your face so it becomes blurry again.

As you pull the book away from your face the hidden image will reveal itself.

Stereogram Viewing Techniques

Never seen a 3D magic stereogram before or need a reminder? Check out our viewing techniques page.

Viewing Techniques